Progenitor Submissions End Tonight!

Progenitor will be done taking submissions 3 hours afters after this post is published.

I nearly accomplished my goal of making the maximum submissions. I’m short by 2 art pieces, but I met the max for all literary art and that’s better than nothing.

My post was originally going to be a lot longer, but chronic pain triggers depression which triggers pain–the debate of whether the chicken or the egg came first comes into play on this. Overall, I’m not too sure how I feel about getting all the literary pieces in.

Even though I don’t know how I feel, whether it’s shame in myself for finding this a challenge or pride for pushing through the pain and dizzy spells, I do know that I want to try (self)publishing whatever doesn’t get into the magazine. Progenitor’s staff would have ownership of the piece if it gets in after all. That’s not a bad thing, it just means that the magazine would be the only place someone can find it. That’s not a bad thing either, it’s just how it is.

I’ll put up what I submitted if none of the pieces get in and then self-publish whatever the true product will be. A lot of editing had to be done to fit within the 2,000 words or less limits. They’re still complete, I just don’t think they have the same feel as they do with more complexity and different methods of explanation.

Maybe I’ll be able to properly reflect when I feel better later. I just don’t want to let pain, illness and depression rob me of my ability to write. It’s the bets thing I’ve got going for what’s left of me, I can’t let it go without a fight.


Progenitor Literary Magazine Conest


The submission is comlpetely free.

We are also aceepting music for the online Progenitor.

Check the links for more detailed information.

Literary Magazine Duties

The production is treated just like a class: we “meet” twice a week for an hour and a half to discuss the progress of putting the magazine together. In that time, we handle our responsibilities unless it’s assigned as “homework” and we get graded based on whether we can keep the progress going or not.
For our first assignment, we had to check the website and note any changes that are needed.
I made the assumption, based on previous experience with group projects mind you, that any options I had would come across as silly, would get looked over, and the most bubbly person’s say would dominate 90% of everything.


My list of suggestions based on two individuals checking with me impressed the woman in charge enough to get full responsibility for the web design aspect of the magazine. Since it’s made on a pre-existing site and the magazine’s site is from one of their templates, so I’m limited on what I can do. I’m hoping my ideas can improve what’s already there, even though I’d love to change a lot more.

I also got to be responsible for the advertisement–I get to design all the flyers, posters, and any other ads we may produce. I was originally paired with another one of my classmates, but since I volunteered to stay after class, I had the chance to take it over. My extra involvement allows me to have a bigger influence on the final product.
Getting the main picture ready was a lot of fun. I got to get to know the chair of the art department of my community college and one of the art professors. Dedicating two extra hours after class got us almost completely finished with the pieces. all that’s left is to play around with the text info’s typeface and effects. “We have to consider this as a job, right? Then that means being willing to look overtime to get the job done.” impressed them far more than I expected.

It’s possible that my previous experience with self-publishing can get me some more responsibilities with this magazine. The woman in charge was incredibly impressed with the fact I had two books out and produced them on my own. For her, that was experience that can be applied to the cover and internal design.

Even if you think it’s silly to do, believe it or not, there’s a lot of experience to brag about when self-publishing. Accomplishing huge sales isn’t always needed to have skills to offer.

Below is a link to the literary magazine itself. It’s free to submit. You don’t need to be a student to submit either. We are accepting fiction, Poetry, Art/Photography and Music.

Joining the Literary Magazine Crew

I’m signed up for the school’s literary magazine.

It’s my first real work with putting some sort of magazine together and I’m looking forward to the learning experience and connection benefits this will provide me. I’m not hoping for fun or dreading the labor. I am just excited to participate in something that, according to the professor in charge of it, has national recognition!

I was told that this is something to share when reaching out to publishers in letters too. I already know the professor from previous classes and have a good standing with her (well, besides having health issues thatv’e put the class on hold–randomly blacking out puts their breathing before finishing a lecture). It could increase my number of connections. It could spread my name further, even if it’s just for helping put it together.

I may not have started yet or even gotten my work in this very magazine, but there is some knowledge to share: when you aspire to submit to a literary magazine, research the magazine itself and the people putting it together.

In this case, someone who is submitting for it will have a better chance to know how they decide whose piece goes in and whose doesn’t. Understanding the range of ages and sex/gender ratio, even degree preferences can help too. This group of people is your target audience and, believe it or not, the people reading the magazine itself are the ones who happen by it. The people in charge are the ones you have to please, not the audience of the magazine itself. It’s determined based on who gets everyone’s approval. ninety-nine yays and one neigh leaves it open until it’s added in or left out.

Take my collage’s magazine for example: reading the poetry and short stories that won demonstrate that the ones in charge of choosing the final authors are likely older than myself, love Colorado, and can relate to multiple themes regarding education. Whether this will change or not this year, I cannot say.

However, my sense of judgement will be based on my own criteria mixed in with the overall judgement standards.

For someone to accomplish this, research the magazines you wish to submit to. Find out who will be in charge of judging and, if you can, find a brief description of the person. Knowing even as much as their age or sex can help. Know that you likely have to get the approval of every single judge to get in.

Don’t let this discourage you from trying.

Pleasing every judge is possible.

The means of judging is not as black and white as a multiple-choice exam. The means of judging is discussing amongst the rest of the judges and editors. Those who are for a piece getting in will justify their approval to persuade the others to follow. Many who are involved with these decisions have credible experience to justify their opinions.

Have you ever had a discussion or argument with a friend to explain why a certain detail in their favorite book was faulty? Ever had to explain how a certain element was lacking and thus weakened something? Ever had to do the opposite and explain how something else made the weaker points acceptable? Have you ever converted someone into the fandom you belong to?

These are the types of discussions that happen.

There’s hope. there’s even more hope when you research the judges.