New Website (In Progress)

I apologize in advance if I seem to have a negative tone, I may have sprained my ankle slipping on ice this morning.

I wouldn’t say I’m moving, but my experimentation with for the Progenitor site took on a life of its own…

I’ll make the link available when it’s ready, but I’d like to have plenty of pieces available first.

In that regard, I may make artwork (graphite and characoal for sure) available for sale–the pieces will be priced to at least buy back materials used and cover shipping and handling on my end. Anything that isn’t submitted for contests and literary magazines will be made available. Even having the original advertized on the web during the time of submission can count as publication and automatically disqualify a piece from entry.
Since I need to work on pieces to submit for literary magazines and I’m stocking up on supplies for my Art Appreciation final, paintings may be available. I may not have thoroughly worked with paint in about five years, but I’m not expecting any art to even compare to Da Vinchi. Even if some say “it’s the internet, people wlil buy anything”, I don’t see it as an excuse to not put effort into what I create.
There’s a possibility I’ll work on short stories to sell individually for 99 cents no KDP, but I’d prefer they would be over 10,000 words to make it worth the money in length (having previews and blurbs available are always nice too). They’d be compiled into collections later, but that wouldn’t be until there’s enough to compile into a paperback.

Please feel free to share what you think. I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about purchasing art.
(I’ll try and offer concept work to present on this blog, but I currently don’t have anything with me. I put in the same amount of effort into the concept work as I do the original, even if the concept piece is oeftn smaller and on cheaper paper.)


Quick Note on Comments, Oranges, and Self-Harm

On Comments

I apologize that I haven’t been able to get on to approve comments and spam ads. It’s been chaotic. However, know that I read every one of them and am grateful of all the nice things that are said. I’m not always available to sit down and approve them all, but if anything, I do read them, even if I can’t approve them (Maybe it’s just me, but non-PC means of accessing my blog don’t work well). I just wanted to throw that out there and continue on with the other things.

On Oranges
The inspiration beg=hind the non-fiction piece Oranges is explained a little bit more in On Self-Harm, so I won’t explain it here. I bring it up to mention that I may take it down if I choose to submit for my magazine next year–I can submit if I’m not part of the production staff and I’m only part of it for this year. I have until December to perfect it, but now I have something to work on. I plan on submitting the maximum of permitted pieces per genre; I know what my competition looks like and I’m not about to be a quick “nay” vote.

A glimpse into everything;

On Self-Harm (and Oranges)
Contrary to what I was used to, my new boyfriend made a deal with me; if I feel the urge to self-harm, have angered him, or owe him something, I owe him a short story, prefferably creative non-fiction. If I self-harm anyway, I have to craft something extravagent on top of a few extra short stories.
This is still new. I cannot vouch how well it’s working for me just yet. However, it’s definitely something I recommend with others. As he said, the urge of self-harm is an urge to be destructive, so to inflict effective pain and agony upon yourself, you must go out of that by doing the opposite; create. He showed me that it is done for some means of pleasure or satisfaction, ironically inflicting it for similar reasons that someone might reward themselves with a piece of candy or splurge on new shoes.
So far, I haven’t developed a need to write every time I want to hurt myself. Instead, it makes me go into my past to heal, which as many know, does hurt worse than any mean of drawing blood. To ensure no associative habits form, I do force myself to write at least three paragraphs towards a self-harm suppliment piece when I am in the creative mood. That way I won’t create associations that limit creativity.

1k Every December Day Challenge

make up for missing out on NaNoWriMo,
increase written material to work with in future classes or contests,
practice touchscreen keyboards,
get used to my new tablet and advancing technology I have stayed behind on until now,
warm up for my new year’s resolution,
improve my abilities to draw inspiration and ideas from everyday around me,
relieve stress,
build better wtriting habits in the chaos of work and school,
branch out beyond novel-length projects,
become more comfortable with different genres
master literary elements of story-telling and message delivery,
I plan to write a bare minimum of 1,000 words a day in dedication to a story or poem.

I may need to do multiple poems or smaller flash fiction, but it would need to be 1,000 words every single day.
Today is the second, but I’m not behind. I already wrote my 1,000 yesterday and plan to do so again before midnight. However, last night was focused on my novel-length projects, which I do not intend to do for the rest of December, but it is a branch off for the rest of the month. Any work I will do for those will have to be separate and not count from today until 2014.

I also plan on sharing these. they may be eventually taken down, but left available for a brief period of time (they may go towards future classes or a short story clolection to sell, depending on which ones I think are worthy of such a thing).

Look forward to a spam of flash fictions, multiple poems and short stories.

Quick Post: Createspace and Covers form Scratch

I would like to try and update my current createspace review or make a second one. The reason is for changing three things: the cover type, paper color and cover itself.

Instead of glossy, I chose a matte cover.
Instead of white paper, I chose cream.
Instead of using their automated cover maker, I made it myself.

In my opinion, there are enough changes for a review on these different things. I still have one final copy of my Novella to compare to the copies side-by-side, which is very helpful. (Good thing it snowed and I hurt my toe or I would’ve sent it in the mail a while back and missed this opportunity.)

My copies of the novel I’ve put the most effort into finally landed on my doorstep. I will say, the print quality is… different. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have time to make decent photos tonight. That’s alright–it gives me time to doll myself up. I suppose my biggest issue with these right now is whether my friends will worry about the quality or not. Like food, presentation from the cover design to paper and print quality can make up a good portion of the piece’s positive or negative review (Yes, I believe the rule that “food is 90% appearance” applies to books as well because, let’s face it, you’ve probably come across a book you would’ve liked better if the spacing didn’t have the words crammed together or printed in a font you have trouble reading).

Thinking Out Loud: Selling Individual Short Stories

I have seen several author sites and forums that say selling individual stories makes a huge sale difference because it allows them to put material out in a quick pace and increases their chances of being seen by a more people. They sell them individually and whole collections with those same stories as well. I believe the whole collections are made available in print while individual ones are left as cheap eBooks.

I am really considering this, but I do have a few reasons why I haven’t started doing this immediately.

I assume people have standards to go off of when buying a short story for $0.99 like length, genre, author, reviews, ratings and so-on. Even though there’s a return option and policy, not everyone knows how to get to that or, for whatever reason, can’t. I only have printed books, so I am completely inexperienced with how it all works and what the eBook community is like.

What are your standards for buying individual short stories?
Are some of your standards things like a certain length, genre, author’s personality and history or average rating?
What makes you decide which ones to buy and which ones you push out of the way?
If you don’t buy individual short stories, why not?

Issues With Waiting on a Bail Large Print Edition

It’s possible there’s a way around this, but I am apparently not allowed to “submit the same book twice” in giving a normal version and large print, so the large print paperback of Waiting on a Bail may not be available on amazon.

However, it is possible that there is a way around this, like I said.

The link for the large print edition will be updated immediately.

Vagabond Vampire Coming Soon!

Yes, it’s a vampire novel.

Rest assured though, it isn’t anywhere under the romance or drama section like every other vampire novel is anymore.

So anyway, after dislocating my toe just last night, I was left with no choice but to buckle down and give it the last editing touches. It hit me like a lightning bolt, knowing I had absolutely no escape.

Once I have examined the proof copy, I’ll make it available and post links. Until then, the chapter previews will be activated.

Expect links to purchase to be available within two weeks.