Scanner Available and Better Job Offer

Two great pieces of news that can only be topped by the fact I got two Barnes and Noble classics the other day.
The best gift to ever get a girl is a book she likes and her favorite food; she will thank you dearly once it’s in her hands and again once she’s finished reading it, which may take time, but rest assured, she will.

I got promised a job with an in-home care agency. I would need to bring them my ID and Social Security card and then I’ll start the training. It would pay better than Sam’s Club and be a lot easier on my body during this delicate time of treatment and diagnosis. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do my best with them, but I already have a good five years of experience with in-home care and my body is better fit for this. I’m more worried I’d lose my job and get accused of incompetence with a retail job because of my health conditions slowing me down, but luckily my friend’s parents would already rather I worked with the agency since they see I’m not physically fit to handle a retail job as well as other people in their early 20’s. They also offer CNA training, which would get me an extra 2-3 dollars per hour on top of what I’d already get. I may take up that offer, but they’re willing to take me on with the informal experience I already have.

As for the whole scanner thing, this would mean that I would be able to put up more art! Yay!
If my ex was able to make a buck or two off of selling a crummy doodle I did in his notebook with a ballpoint pen in less than a minute after posting it on ebay, I may be able to get some decent spare cash from drawings with effort. It’ll give some extra stuff for my website too. I’ll share what I can, but I also need to produce the art, which may take a little bit of time for when my schedule gets busy.
If I sell it, the photo of it won’t be as great or high of quality as the piece in person, mostly so that it’s more likely to be sold instead of downloaded. I can also start some other art projects I was hoping to do with other people.

This is going to be fun…


In Memory of the Angel in the Flour Sack Dress

My grandmother’s birthday is today.
I don’t know if she would have been 79 or 84 though—the year she gave me was 1935, but I knew she took off 5 years from her birth certificate several years before I was even born. I don’t know if ’35 is the actual year or the new year she had on her birth certificate. Anyone who would have known has passed away too.

Every year on her birthday and the anniversary of her death, I create something in memory of her. In my childhood, she was literally the only one who not only allowed but encouraged my creative side, believing she had no right to take away a part of who I really was when the world was already trying and going to. My creative side resided in drawing and writing, advancing into creative writing. Had she discouraged it, I probably wouldn’t have done well enough in English while in foster care to have survived. With that, I view my success as her doing. I not only have to thank her for that, but for raising me from infancy to fifteen years of age. Even if people didn’t like her and didn’t want me to mourn over her death, I vow to be the person to always respect her as a human when no one else will.

This time around, there will be multiple pieces created and things done in her honor. I intend to take the next step towards creating pieces I had in mind. I originally wanted to just create a 9X12 graphite and colored pencil drawing, but she would have wanted me to branch out to keep my creative side alive, so for her, I’ll try creating a painting of it too.

I have written poetry and allowed myself to write difficult things in dedication to her. I may do the same, but I still want to create visual work too.

They will be late, mostly due to any submission windows not being open for a while and thus wanting to prepare for the window that opens around December. However, she was never one for receiving presents, or much kindness for that matter. I suppose I’m disrespecting her wishes by making things in honor to her, but she wouldn’t expect anything else from me.

New Website (In Progress)

I apologize in advance if I seem to have a negative tone, I may have sprained my ankle slipping on ice this morning.

I wouldn’t say I’m moving, but my experimentation with for the Progenitor site took on a life of its own…

I’ll make the link available when it’s ready, but I’d like to have plenty of pieces available first.

In that regard, I may make artwork (graphite and characoal for sure) available for sale–the pieces will be priced to at least buy back materials used and cover shipping and handling on my end. Anything that isn’t submitted for contests and literary magazines will be made available. Even having the original advertized on the web during the time of submission can count as publication and automatically disqualify a piece from entry.
Since I need to work on pieces to submit for literary magazines and I’m stocking up on supplies for my Art Appreciation final, paintings may be available. I may not have thoroughly worked with paint in about five years, but I’m not expecting any art to even compare to Da Vinchi. Even if some say “it’s the internet, people wlil buy anything”, I don’t see it as an excuse to not put effort into what I create.
There’s a possibility I’ll work on short stories to sell individually for 99 cents no KDP, but I’d prefer they would be over 10,000 words to make it worth the money in length (having previews and blurbs available are always nice too). They’d be compiled into collections later, but that wouldn’t be until there’s enough to compile into a paperback.

Please feel free to share what you think. I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about purchasing art.
(I’ll try and offer concept work to present on this blog, but I currently don’t have anything with me. I put in the same amount of effort into the concept work as I do the original, even if the concept piece is oeftn smaller and on cheaper paper.)