Chapter 1


I cant go home. They had to tell my parents I’m dead. I don’t know whats more painful, losing Rickey or my parents. I was too much of a wreck to write about this sooner. I waited a few days to ask when I could go home and the boss of the group (John I think his name was) said I couldn’t. I know why I cant, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

date unknown
This is the first diary entry I’ve done in God knows how long. I’ve lost track of how many places I’ve been. I think it was eight in the first six months Thats averaged to a new crew every month, even though the shortest was three days and the longest was three whole months. I didn’t want to risk shit from documenting what happened with the Black Night Capes and pissing off an ally gang of theirs. They wouldn’t have remembered Rickey anyway. I cant say if that was my doing or not haha, but needless to say I’m glad he told me I have hypnotic eyes, or else I never would’ve found a way to stay alive. I’m doing real good with that. I can only really practice with it if I need to use it (and needless to say too I need to end up using it a lot too…).

July 1986

It’s been two years today. I’ve only been on my own a month and I’ve already been attacked three times. Like Rickey baby said, I have hypnotic eyes and like they also say, it happens mostly to those who are prepared. I think the better I get at this, the worse it gets out here. I knew being homeless was bad, but its even worse with vampires. Im not quite the youngling I was before, but Its not how the stories once were. I’ve heard horrible horror stories about it. I don’t know how much of it is true and whats when the crazy or old ones are imagining nonsense on. The ones with the veiny skin and sharp teeth seem the most scary (I think they’re cannibals, but I cant pick then out like John used to be able to, and not all look like that but a lot do). They say a group of kings ruled over the vampires and that some were better than others like slavery of the blacks many years ago. I had one say he could smell I was a lowlife kind. Apparently humans that were turned into vampires were the low class citizens of us. Its not our fault if we were turned. I kinda chose to be turned. I need to stop before I cry.

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