The Diary of Eloise Vacarro

Links to buy Part 1 will be provided when ready. The full story will be sectioned off into parts and the complete version will include the final part and bonus material. Upon completion, announcements and updates will be made.

Rumors of the legendary vampire are well-known, but she took the truth with her to her grave.
After the fall of the vampire government known as The Royal Family, all of vampire society crumbled into anarchy, leaving many unwanted vampires converted from humans to fend for themselves. Seventeen-year-old Eloise Vicarro was no exception, but was nothing like the others. She was a genius in hypnotism, twisting the memories and perception of reality of anyone around her to make it to tomorrow.
The mysteries of a short-lived celebrity of the vampire world are documented. She reveals the cold and lonely world she was seduced into, only to be seduced into the world of the afterlife, recording every horror and forgotten brethren in between.

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Links to the next part or chapter will be found at the bottom of each part chapter for a more page-turning experience.


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