Madame Bovary

Title: Madame Bovary
Author: Gustav Flaubert

A young woman Named Emma Bovary is just like any other woman in France of the 18th century: she has no rights to education, so if she cannot marry, her only options for survival are becoming a prostitute or a wet nurse. Although she had the fortune of marrying a doctor, the romance novels she was allowed to read had already warped her standards of men and satisfaction for sex or religion.

It wasn’t a favorite, but I liked it for the purpose. That is why it partially saddens me to see the novel in the romance section. It was difficult to read, but for good reasons. The descriptions were great and beautiful examples of how to write setting.

Constructive Criticism
I only found this novel difficult to read because of Emma’s character. However, as my literature professor said “if you find yourself in her in any way, that’s probably not a good thing”. In consideration to the purpose of this novel and how I felt, Flaubert did a great job in making me feel less guilty about not caring for romance novels and not liking some people I know who set their standards on such media models.


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