Kiss of the Spider Woman

Title: Kiss of the Spider Woman
Author: Manuel Puig


As wrong as this may come across, Valintin and Molina are perhaps my favorite romantic couple in anything I’ve read. I usually find romance unnecessary in a lot of literature, even when it’s supposedly necessary, but I was actually able to care about the characters and cry at the end. It is probably because of how their relationship evolved throughout the novel. The novella also suggested perspectives on homosexuals and their psychological stereotypes that I personally agreed with. To be more exact, I agree with the last one mentioned, not the ones that negatively judge homosexuality as a disease amongst other things.

Constructive Criticism
The jumping between two writing styles confused me when they would initiate conversation. It was also sometimes difficult to keep up with which was Valentin and which was Molina, but that was part of the structure and possibly what Puig wanted the reader to do. I assume this could suggest that it does not matter, but that didn’t make it any easier to decipher between the two until you really got to know the characters.


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