Animal Farm

Title:Animal Farm
Author: George Orwell

A farmer in England is overthrown by animals seeking a revolution. After scaring away farmer Jones, the animals take over the farm as their own. The pigs of the farm take charge in organising the animals to “keep Jones from coming back” and continue the abuse and oppression of a human-run farm. Over a course of years, the motto the sheep bleat “four legs good, two legs bad” takes a toll on how the farm manages to function.

Many books get deemed a favorite for me, but this one definitely does. The political symbolism really catches me–it was inspirational and interesting in those senses. Unfortunately, I do not recall the exact words or whom said the quote, but it mention that “you successfully take control by slowly picking away at their freedom”, which this novella clearly demonstrated to be an effective technique.

Constructive Criticism
Going based on my personal taste and how I read it, I believe some scenes did a little more telling when there could have been showing. However, I do not know the conditions Orwell had to work under, so it is possible that he simply could not show any more than he already did.

Please feel free to share your opinions of the novella.


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