Fairy of Sorrows

She named you “Fairy of Sorrows”
of which she thought you brought her.
But to me,
you brought nothing of the sort.

You cried and kept quiet, because
you knew she knew better.
You loved your father,
who she couldn’t remember knowing.

He smiled and grit his teeth, because
he had faith in you.
It was the same faith
you had for me.

The dances, the money and the pain
you thought was all in vein.
It was for her, for the child she forgot the name of
but not for the one that lived.

How many times have you waited
until I fell asleep to cry?
How many smiles did I miss
from not seeing in me what you did?

You taught me how to survive the war,
gave me what I needed to stand my ground.
I didn’t know until now,
that I gave you just the same.

Drowning in your own blood,
choking back your own tears,
fighting the demons you cared for,
raising your grandchild ’til the last day.

I will never forget what you did,
for I still remember your last words.
My smiles are yours
for my kindness is yours.


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