A Dedication for April–found in Waiting on a Bail

For my good friend April Estes
because I couldn’t send a gift.
I haven’t the money to buy anything,
nor a way to fly for quality time.
I could try a pet tarantula;
I just know you’d cry with joy.
Maybe you’d like a pet velociraptor,
even if it’s bite would be a problem.

A book is all I can offer,
no matter how small it may be.
I vow to never forget what you are;
someone I am forever proud of.
My grandmother taught me years ago
that family is someone you happily fought for.

I take pride in calling you “sister”
because you gave me the stride I walk with now.
The world of difference you mean and make
is the truth seen by all who know and love you.

I’m sorry that a book is all I have,
but I know you will look forward to having it.
As far away as we may be
I will always be a loyal friend.

—J. D. Crawford


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