Progenitor Submissions; What Else?

In the sidebar, you’ll find the magazine I helped with earlier this year.
I submitted some things the other day, checking through with what I have so far and touching them up so that I can get stuff in while I can.
The submission limit policies (which they don’t tell anyone but staff for some reason) is
3 poems
2 short stories
3 art/photography

With that in mind, I still have 1 short story and 3 art pieces left that I can try submitting.

I don’t know what else to do though.

The max is 2k words and I’m limited on what I can draw for the art pieces considering the genre and the manager of the team working on it. Knowing the judges may help, but I also know that it’s a little bias based on the people in charge, which is slightly discouraging…

Even if I don’t get in, there’s still try for other magazines. Even so, I know this one accepts submissions for free and I want to give it a try. If you give it a try, I wish you the best of luck!

I suppose I’m struggling to think of what to draw because of a simple question; abstraction is allowed, but just how abstract can you go with the general fiction genre?


The TRUTH of Eloise Vacarro Part 1 for $1.99

I’ve made changes and various decisions based on a proposal my friend’s dad gave me.

He recommended that I section longer pieces off into parts and keep final parts and bonus material for the paperback.

If anything, it’s an experiment, especially since I can remove it from amazon at any time.

Her story is much more adventurous than I first thought and I wouldn’t have had a complete story at a short length unless I cut out a lot of important things. With a good thirty years of a dangerous life of struggling to survive day by day, there’s just too much to hold back.

I just hit publish, so it’ll be a whole before a link is ready. I’ll share it when it is, but I’ve taken down a lot of it already to better promote sales. I also changed the title, recognizing and fixing a problem that had slowed down my ability to progress with the piece. It still has its chapters of diary entries, but it won’t focus around just that, especially for what I have in mind for her next…

Writer’s Awareness; Can Length Count in Style?

What defines a writer’s style?
Personally, I think it’s as unique as a fingerprint because it takes every single aspect and element of writing to create a style–it can vary from details as tiny as the different words for similar things such as soda versus pop (if that sounds like a familiar reference, I applaud you, though I wasn’t trying to be clever or punny referencing one of my favorite characters on modern television) to as large as the genres they work with.

Length is a large part of genre. In several instances, it’s a key indication of a certain genre–a general fiction novel can average about 80,000 words while a scifi or fantasy novel needs to be at 90,000 or so at a bare minimum to be a piece of that particular genre. Why? It doesn’t take many words to describe what a regular old notebook is. It takes even more to describe the technology and logic behind a holographic book or an enchanted scroll that can translates languages depending on the origin of the ink.

As I work on the Diary of Eloise Vacarro, not only do I feel like I’m struggling with the format, but I also believe I’m struggling with the length.

A short story ranges between 1,000 and 40,000 words long. I’m almost at a quarter of the maximum before it’s a novella. What’s my problem? I want the length to be reasonable for a 99-cent short story, yet I need it to feel complete. Why is this a problem? What I thought was a short story is actually more complex than I had originally thought.

As a piece is a living entity of its own like a child is to a parent, it seems like all the pieces will be novellas at the least and I want to at least have a few short stories. However, that may not be the case.

If that’s how it is, then that’s how it is. However, I still want to try and create short pieces related to the larger body of work to the best of my abilities. I want to try; also like a child, I cannot force what isn’t possible. If I can’t, then I can’t.

However, this is a big issue for me because I wonder if this goes beyond this particular universe, that it’s just not in me to write short stories at all.

Why is that an issue?

I want to write short stories too! I want variety!

I’m aware of how I write poetry; the ability comes in random bursts that must be acted upon or else it’s gone forever. Almost every poem was written at the spur of the moment and then left to be with minor editing for typos while others were edited several times. Those were closer to being commissions, but the motivation to be written for another to that extend may not count if they chose over half the words (no offense to my old professor, but that really dehydrates a piece from the original writer’s touch and makes it theirs, and at that point, it’s not as great of a piece and was technically just typed by a representative…).

I have several ideas for different short stories not related to the universe of my other piece, but I have my fair share of struggles with that too. The Diary of Eloise Vacarro just happens to be the one I’m stuck obsessing over the most right now because I’m struggling with it the least–a lot of the world was already built, even if it wasn’t written down yet.

I’ll try and get started on several idea, possibly just turning my brain off and letting my fingers play on the keyboard.

Keep an eye out for updates.

A Quick Note on Short Story Formatting…

I just wanted to give a quick mention of the formatting of the short story… The formatting isn’t exact to how it’ll be in the final version. It’s more of less broken up into parts. The version on my website is a more accurate depiction of what the final version will look like. Unfortunately, switching between PC and Mac alters my various documents, so I have to wait until I’m finished writing to create the final version and upload it to KDP.

Luckily, it should be formatted well enough to make the final editing stage easier.

I’m not too sure how much is left or what’s going to happen from here. I just know that Eloise is becoming a different character from what I expected her to be. I’m excited to see just how she ends up…

Scanner Available and Better Job Offer

Two great pieces of news that can only be topped by the fact I got two Barnes and Noble classics the other day.
The best gift to ever get a girl is a book she likes and her favorite food; she will thank you dearly once it’s in her hands and again once she’s finished reading it, which may take time, but rest assured, she will.

I got promised a job with an in-home care agency. I would need to bring them my ID and Social Security card and then I’ll start the training. It would pay better than Sam’s Club and be a lot easier on my body during this delicate time of treatment and diagnosis. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do my best with them, but I already have a good five years of experience with in-home care and my body is better fit for this. I’m more worried I’d lose my job and get accused of incompetence with a retail job because of my health conditions slowing me down, but luckily my friend’s parents would already rather I worked with the agency since they see I’m not physically fit to handle a retail job as well as other people in their early 20’s. They also offer CNA training, which would get me an extra 2-3 dollars per hour on top of what I’d already get. I may take up that offer, but they’re willing to take me on with the informal experience I already have.

As for the whole scanner thing, this would mean that I would be able to put up more art! Yay!
If my ex was able to make a buck or two off of selling a crummy doodle I did in his notebook with a ballpoint pen in less than a minute after posting it on ebay, I may be able to get some decent spare cash from drawings with effort. It’ll give some extra stuff for my website too. I’ll share what I can, but I also need to produce the art, which may take a little bit of time for when my schedule gets busy.
If I sell it, the photo of it won’t be as great or high of quality as the piece in person, mostly so that it’s more likely to be sold instead of downloaded. I can also start some other art projects I was hoping to do with other people.

This is going to be fun…

The Website is Up!

There may not be much on it yet, but the website is up!

(This was made a scheduled post to space out the posts and emails subscribers get.)

I’m excited to upload more content and see what’s created and what happens because of it. I don’t anticipate it to have facebook’s popularity or anything, but I hope it gets some attention and makes a difference to getting my name out there as a visual and literary artist. I don’t know if I’ll keep the current pink and gray color scheme, but there’s a lot on the site that’s up for change.

A fun little difference between a wordpress blog and the website is that I have to approve a comment before replying, which would make it public and the website allows me to give a place for people to send me any message they want and nobody else can see them. The messages go straight to my email, so I’ll be getting them directly and I’ll get to read them sooner. I don’t know about relying yet. I’m sure I can technically do that privately too though if it allows me to go directly to the person’s email. If you need to tell me Timmy is stuck in the well but can’t let the public know how that happened, your secret is safe with me haha.

Personally, I enjoy the fun with the formatting and creation of the site. I may not know much about coding, and you don’t have to for a Wix website like this one, but I can do a lot if I’m creative and think outside the box for it. It may seem like you’re limited at first, but knowing what you can do opens up millions of doors of possibilities. The options to link images alone has dozens of cool possibilities! Knowing that you can hide and redirect pages to the site could even allow possibilities for text-base RPG games. Hmmm…
I don’t know if the website shuts down for maintenance if you try to edit it, but that’s something else I’ll find out. If you try to go on the site and have problems but can’t message me via contacts page about it, please comment on here to let me know. Since I’d need to approve a comment to make it visible for the whole internet to see, you’re free to alert me with as many swear words and intentional or accidental spelling errors as you’d like (p.s. texting with improper grammar and bad spelling helps scare away people texting you that you don’t know; if I say “who dis?” they often say “Nevermind, I thought you were Jill J.D. Crawford but I guess she changed her number.” haha).

Although Wix offers the ability to add a blog webpage, I won’t abandon this blog for my website’s newsfeed webpage. I’m hoping to keep that one geared more towards my creations. It’s also formatted differently and I haven’t found a way to make this blog that website’s blog feed. I’m sure there’s a way and I haven’t figured it out yet. Like I said, I want that site’s blog/newsfeed to give updates on the website’s creative content while this one shows me as a person a little more (my health affects my writing, but a diary and my close, understanding friends are the ones that get all the gross and gorey detail of my ailments).

Here's the site!

Like I said before and like it says a billion times on the site, there’s not much on there now, but there’s stuff in the works. Technically I have a lot of stuff here, but plenty of stuff on here would either need to be taken down because of it being submitted for publication or because it may not fit well with the site. I don’t know if I’ll go through and clean out the old content much or if I’ll find a way to move it to some kind of ghosttown corner of the site. Heck, I have no idea what it’ll evolve into or how much I’ll be able to put up on there, but there are definitely some fun little projects in mind for the future…

I’ll make a post or two about as a website builder. To answer the most common and often first questions; yes it’s safe and yes it’s free.

Thinking Out Loud: Website and Text-Base RPG Possibilities

My ex likes RPG’s in any form, from your plain text-base rpg’s to larping.

After publishing my website and double-checking the formatting for the short story, he came to mind.



Simple; formatting possibilities.

The formatting of my short story has a table of content under an image of the cover and its blurb. Each button links to all available parts and a spare “oops, nothing’s here” page, mostly for the sake of easier formatting. Also, by having it there, I can at least reassure the readers and visitor that there will be more content in a way that won’t make it feel like an error message or that I’m cheating them in some way.

With that table of content, instead of formatting it for next and previous pages of a short story in progress, I could do the same for different pages, linking the readers to different pages until they reach an end. This would be a digital version of a create your own scare goosebump book.

I proposed this idea to my ex. Whether he likes it or not, I don’t know yet. I don’t know if he will go through with it, but perhaps I’ll give it a try…
Why not? I would need to make sure I have multiple pages ready to go and make sure that I know which option goes where haha. It’ll be easy and fun to make and play though. It would be a matter of keeping track of all the different places and thinking up different ideas, but that’s part of writing. In order to improve myself as a writer, I need to be able to consider all possibilities, be able to write them out, and be able to figure out the best ones. This is incredibly difficult for me–I have a need to plan out every detail and there can only be one destination for the piece to end and one path for the characters to take. In my opinion, that’s a weak point. I need to be able to consider and accept multiple possibilities. This is one way that characters are like children; you can’t control everywhere they go in their life, you can only point them in the right direction. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and stubbornness and maybe this can help with that. I can’t guarantee I’ll have the time for it, but I can try anyway. If anything It’s something worth trying.